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Personal Training

The average person loses a one-half pound of muscle each year after the age of twenty five, which makes it important to build muscle and lose fat. Building muscle mass increases metabolism, strength, bone strength, and will keep a person looking good as they age. In addition to the importance of building muscle, nutrition plays a vital role as the fuel your body needs to build new muscles. Without proper nutrition, much of what you do in the gym can go to waste.

The key to a successful personal training experience is not only accountability, but also education. 24/7 Fitness not only designs a customized and balanced training program, but also educates you on how to become self sufficient. Our certified personal trainers partner with you one-on-one to ensure you understand how to maintain an effective and smart exercise program. Our personal training programs are structured to help prevent a person from reaching a plateau. While a personal training program does involve some investment, it is knowledge a person can take and keep forever.

To get started, fill out the personal training request form, which entitles you to receive a free consultation, normally a $50 value. Upon your first visit to the club, you’ll complete a fitness questionnaire, take a fitness assessment workout and receive a professional recommendation analysis. The analysis will detail a recommended plan of action based on your current fitness level and your desired goals.
To get started come on into our facility and complete a short request form. There is no obligation. Feel free to walk-in or call-in anytime to schedule a free appointment.